Judah Pollack


Patrick Spence, CEO



At Sonos we invented the wireless streaming speaker market. We do it better than anyone. But when the market exploded with new competitors we knew we had to change the way we work. Judah helped us craft our story to clearly communicate to the company why we were making our changes and he designed tools to empower our leaders to turn the changes into habits. He helped us move to the next level.


Jocelyn Wyatt, CEO



Working with Judah was awesome. Over the course of a year, he helped my leadership teams understand one another better, and turn that understanding into being more effective at our work. We communicate and support each other and stay more clear and aligned on our strategy. Working with Judah made us a better team and a stronger organization.  


Barbara Bush, CEO

Global Health Corps


We adore Judah Pollack! Over the past several years - through a critical period of growth for our organization - we relied on him to support our teams, to deepen connection and reflection, and to work smarter and stronger together. He has offered tools that facilitate both personal growth and interpersonal communication. Just as importantly, he has created safe and constructive spaces for our teams to examine challenges, navigate them together, and come out more connected, more efficient, and more effective.