Executive Coaching

All great leadership rests in the ability to move from unconsciously reacting to consciously responding. Judah’s executive coaching program begins with deep inquiry to discover your own leadership story. He uses a combination of Jung’s theory of Types and the Enneagram to help you bring your unconscious reactions into the light and learn to respond. We create a map of who you are, your natural assets, and what drives you. With this awareness we plot the course to get you to be the leader you want to be.

Executive Team Coaching

All great teams share a few simple traits, they trust each other, communicate honestly, and treat each other with kindness. Take just one of these three away and the team falls down. Judah’s executive team coaching uncovers the history of the team, the assumptions each member holds about the team, and the behaviors that each believes lead to success. The history is understood, the assumptions tested and new behaviors agreed to that strengthen the three traits. No kumbaya, it’s a fast, tactical approach that delivers results.

Personal Coaching

Using techniques from Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, narrative therapy, and shamanic studies, Judah’s personal coaching supports you in tapping into your inner resources, discovering the source of your suffering, and guides you to fully transform it. Whether you’re numb, fearful, sad, resentful this work can help anyone return to a state of happiness, intimacy, and self acceptance.

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