Personal Coaching

So many of us are suffering. We struggle with feelings from sad and numb, to angry and fearful. This blocks us from living fully and having the experience of happiness, intimacy, and self acceptance that we desire. Using techniques from Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, narrative therapy, and shamanic studies, Judah’s personal coaching supports you in tapping into your inner resources, to discovering the source of your suffering, and guides you to fully transforming it.

Executive Coaching

Your ability to lead others is dependent upon your ability to lead yourself. Self-leadership is based in self-knowlege. Judah’s executive coaching program begins with deep inquiry to discover your own leadership story. He uses a combination of Jung’s theory of Types and the Enneagram to help you bring the unconscious into the light and create a map of who you are, your natural assets, and what drives you. With this awareness, you can move from unconsciously reacting to consciously responding. You can transform your strategies. We plot the course to get you to be the leader you want to be.

Founder Coaching

The dynamics and relationship between the founders affect everyone in the company. They also define the culture. Judah helps founders illuminate unspoken agreements, understand the ways success and scale can cause tension in their usually productive relationship, and safely address and resolve their conflicts. Judah guides founders in navigating the complexities at this level, and developing new, productive ways of relating.

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