Consulting Practice

Judah is a strategic advisor on the art of leadership and science of breakthrough thinking. He helps executives and their teams capitalize on their innate ability to innovate, adapt, and transform.  Following the approach of "The Net and the Butterfly",  Judah has built a scientifically-based toolbox of systems, practices, and techniques that generate breakthrough thinking on the individual and organizational level. 

designs personalized roadmaps

Judah works with conscious communication, conflict management, change management, and strategic decision-making - managing conflict and conflict resolution - mentorship, motivation, and delegation

through understanding organizational culture, and guidance for cultural change.

Enhancing social impact...

Judah works with CEOs, startup founders, U. S. Army generals, social good and non-profit founders, and their executive teams. He brings together his understanding of personal, organizational and archetypal narrative to help leaders see their context, support change, and drive transformation.